What you should know about antibiotics

The endless war of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance does not cease for a single day. Many experts believe that under current conditions, mankind loses this war. We accelerate our defeat by using irresponsible antibiotics. If you need to buy antibiotics, you can do it here https://farma-shop.best/antibiotics/.

The misconceptions of antibiotic therapy

  • They affect viruses. In the case of viral infections, antibiotics do not work, do not help or improve anything but the material well-being of producers and sellers of antibacterial agents.
  • They have a prophylactic effect in case of viral infections. Antibiotic therapy is not able to reduce the probability of bacterial complications. Complications still occur, but they are associated with bacteria that have survived after vainly prescribed antibiotics.
  • They can be strong and weak. People really want to believe that if the antibiotic “A” is a hundred times more expensive than the antibiotic “B”, it is also a hundred times more effective.
  • Reduces immunity. None of the modern antibacterial agents have a depressing effect on the immune system. Here, the cause and effect are confused. The disease is to blame for the suppression of immunity, which was the reason for prescribing antibiotic therapy.
  • Together with antibiotics, we should take antifungal drugs. Candidosis – as a specific side effect of antibiotic therapy – is quite possible, and its development is really to be treated with antifungal agents. But there is no evidence that antifungal drugs have a preventive effect and reduce the likelihood of candidiasis.
  • When taking antibiotics, you should take drugs “for the intestines”.
  • Suppression of intestinal flora, expressed to such an extent that it requires treatment, occurs with prolonged use of broad-spectrum antibiotics. A diet, combined with the cessation of antibiotic therapy, is quite sufficient treatment in most cases. Not surprisingly, most capsules with “magic bacteria” are medicines with unproven efficacy.
  • Anti-allergic drugs are mandatory in antibiotic therapy. Allergies associated with taking antibiotics are indeed not uncommon. Hence, an important rule – a drug that causes an allergic reaction, must be immediately canceled and replaced by a drug of another group.
  • If after taking the antibiotic became worse – it should be immediately canceled and replaced. Under the influence of antibiotics bacteria can degrade, and this is accompanied by the release of endotoxins into the blood. The body reacts to the release of endotoxins by chills, increased body temperature – all this during the first day of treatment appears as a real worsening of the condition.  

Rules for taking antibiotics

If the attending physician considered the prescription of antibiotics justified and appropriate, the most important thing is to ensure that their use will bring maximum benefit and minimum harm. For this purpose, regardless of the type of antibiotics prescribed, it is desirable to follow the following recommendations:

  • The same antibiotic may be available in low and high doses, so when buying a medicine, you should be careful and buy it in strictly prescribed doses.
  • Before using it, be sure to study the instructions: if you have any diseases listed in the list of contraindications, you should consult a doctor.
  • Do not take the drug on an empty stomach, so as not to increase mucosal irritation.
  • Be sure to drink antibiotics with water.
  • Exclude alcohol consumption, taking absorbent and blood-thinning medications.

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