Simple Salads

I love salads. Not only are they good for you, but they are so simple to make. You can do so many different things with a salad. You will notice that most of my dishes have chicken in them, but realize that with pretty much anything I put on here, you can substitute whatever you want (or have no meat at all). Salads don’t really need much explanation, but I wanted to share how I normally make mine.

My favorite part of making a salad is marinating the chicken. You can do pretty much anything with it. This is where you really flavor your salad. Always start with a little salt and pepper. I never put much of either to be honest, since I prefer to sprinkle more on the entire salad after it’s been prepared. But if you want to only season the chicken, add a bit more. I always use some sort of dried herbs, no matter what I am seasoning. For salads, I will use a blend of Italian herbs (things like parsley, thyme, rosemary, basil, sage). If you have fresh herbs, they taste SO much better. I have started marinating the chicken to be used for salads with whatever dressing we are going to put on top (we always use either Caesar or Italian). It’s been turning out really well. I also love this Lea Perrins chicken marinade. I use it ALL the time. It’s so light, but great flavor. I’d recommend it to anyone, for sure.

When I make salads, I always use my George Foreman grill for the meat. It’s quick, easy to clean up and if I want to add anything extra (like mushrooms, onions or roasted red peppers), I can just throw them on with the chicken for a few to get them warm. So I take my marinated chicken (which I usually marinate for 12-24 hours) and plop it on the grill. While it’s cooking, I get the salad out and cut up anything I will be adding in. On the note of lettuce, I so prefer to use baby spinach. The day I made this salad, my husband wanted romaine lettuce, but it just seems so boring in comparison to spinach! Also, I normally use mushrooms in our salads. They go so great with everything; I always have some in my fridge. I slice them up and a couple minutes before the chicken is done, I’ll put them on the grill to get them warm.

Now, when the chicken is done, you want to cut it into bite size pieces. I am very particular about how I slice up my chicken, but it really doesn’t matter how you do it. Big pieces, small pieces, whatever works for you. When I take the chicken off the grill, I like to grab them with tongs. Then, I cut them into strips and then into little pieces. However you want to cut them would be great, this is just my helpful (and slightly obsessive compulsive!) advice.